The Diesel Particulate Filter is a common fitment on most diesel vehicles built from 2004 onwards. The role of the DPF is to reduce the damaging engine emissions which it does very well, however DPFs also cause endless problems due to blockage, and inability to "regenerate" Typically short distance driving or low speed driving can prevent the regeneration process from completing correctly.

When a DPF causes problems it usually results in the vehicle going into "limp" mode. A main Dealers usual answer for this problem is a new DPF which will usually cost between £700 - £1700 depending on vehicle


Reduces engine power 

(Because of the restrictions in the exhaust cause by the filter.)

Reduced fuel economy 

(Because of lower engine performance, and wasted fuel used in failed re-gens.

Increased wear and tear 

(Caused by soot backing up into the turbo and EGR components.)

Diesel in the oil 

(During the regeneration process fuel is injected into the engine on the point of exhaust stroke, small amounts of this fuel leaks past the piston and into the engine oil, thus diluting the oil, therefore removing the oils ability to lubricate properly.)


'DPF" Diesel Particulate Filters are now treated as a service item on all vehicles AED due to our advanced DPF and CATALYTIC CONVERTER Cleaning technology. "Ceramic substrate must be intact"

While cleaning the DPF, protection to the ceramic substrate inside the unit is the biggest concern at AED.

AED utilise cutting edge advanced pressurized ultrasonic cleaning technology.

We use specially developed cleaning agents that remove the soot build up without damage to the DPF material

DPF and CATALYTIC CONVERTERS returned with 6 mouth warranty

Affordable solution meaning there is no need to purchase a new DPF 

Automotive DPF unit prices between £175 - £225 + VAT

Catalytic Converter unit prices between £50 - £100 + VAT